BIO 114

Fundamentals of Life Science • Ben Campbell • Fall 2017

Although I am admittedly not a huge science fan, I was always excited to attend Dr. Campbell’s class- which is saying a lot, considering it was an 8 AM. He so clearly was passionate about biology and education, and he simply loved being able to form relations with his students and share his passions with us. I loved how his labs always attempted to connect information we were learning to teaching in an elementary setting, and I gained a good amount of fun ideas for my future classroom! He even arranged for us to teach mini-lessons to elementary schoolers during one lab period!

Science is not my strong suit, so I always need to go the extra mile to study for it. I would have discussions over the notes with peers in my class a few days before each exam, but before that, I worked individually to study. I hand-wrote notes during Dr. Campbell’s lectures, and would then type up the notes from each class during the following weekend. It was an effective strategy of reinforcing what I learned and presenting it in a more organized fashion! Below is one of those re-typed sets of notes. I use the blue font to indicate vocabulary words.