SPAN 211

Intermediate Integrated Language and Culture I • Makenzie Seiple • Fall 2018

After not taking Spanish for a full two and a half years, getting back into the foreign language was a bit of a culture-shock. I had to re-train my brain, but found that I still had my basic understanding and appreciation of the language. This class was an interesting challenge, but I enjoyed the chance to learn terms and grammar structures that were more advanced and applicable than I had used before.

Attached is the link to a project proposal for a video that a fellow classmate and I had to make. We chose our topic to be women in the workforce. We originally wrote the proposal in English and then translated it. While typing this proposal, I found that I knew more about Spanish grammar structures and vocabulary than I realized. This project was the most writing-intensive and speaking-intensive piece we did in this class, and it beneficially challenged my partner and I in creative and academic ways.