PHED 101

PHED Hybrid • Alicia Lynn Peterson • Fall 2017

One physical education course is required of all Longwood students, and PHED 101 is what I was placed into prior to moving in. I did not know what to expect with this course, unsure if it would require intense exercise or be more paperwork than anything else. As it turned out, the class did not require a huge time commitment. I only needed to go to Iler all of six times for assessments on how I performed certain exercises. Otherwise, I filled out physical activity monitoring reports, which encouraged me to achieve as many steps as possible every day, as tracked through my FitBit. Although the class was not a huge commitment, I can honestly say that it encouraged a renewed interest in my health. Through self-administered stress tests, the introduction of new exercises, and a required step-tracking, I found myself striving to be more active. I frequented the gym during this semester, and integrated many of the demonstrated movements into my workout routine. Below is a Physical Activity Monitoring Report that was reported late into the semester, after I had grown accustomed to the process of filling these out. When I first started filling out reports, I often did not hit my goal of 70,000 steps per week. However, as time went on, I found more chances to up my steps! This is an example of this increased motivation, as both weeks reported on were at least 10,000 over the required amount.