LSEM 100

Longwood Seminar • Fall 2017 • Jen Cox

This was one of the last Longwood Seminar courses to be implemented at this university, and the course that encouraged me to access my creative side during the fall semester. Jen led this course to have a comfortable atmosphere, open for discussion, safe to ask freshmen-esque questions, and encouraging of getting to know our classmates. We discussed topics such as the novel Every Day, but also looked into more pressing issues that incoming students face, such as study habits and time management. Our peer mentor, Ashtyn Clark, even went into discussing sexual assault, an issue that many college students across the country face. If one went into the class with an open mind, the discussions could prove beneficial, whether they provide advice or serve as motivators. For me personally, the class encouraged me to spruce up my study habits, go to the gym frequently, and be creative. Jen Cox gave us many opportunities to be creative in assignments. My personal favorite was the project “Twenty Four Hours in Farmville,” in which we were challenged to document a day in Farmville, modeling it off of articles in news journals. I enjoyed capturing a day during Oktoberfest weekend, which allowed me to look at both the college and town community, realizing that there was more to do in our small town than what meets the eye. It was a nice way to orient myself with our campus and the surrounding area while also doing something I love: creative writing!