I’m baaack! This year has brought new friendships, opportunities, and the best kind of challenges. I have been able to find even more of a home here at Longwood. Though this year had its ups and downs, I am grateful for how it all turned out.

During the fall semester, I became a Longwood Ambassador! Giving tours and meeting prospective students has become one of my favorite things about my time here. I love sharing my excitement for this school and trying to frame it so the prospective students can see if they see themselves here, as well. At the end of this spring semester, I was elected to be the organization’s historian!

I also worked as an Instruction Technology Collaborator in the Digital Education Collaborative, and will continue this into next year. This job has given me some amazing new friends and great customer service experience. I also have become much more acquainted with school-supported technologies, including WordPress!

Of course, I am still a sister of Tri Sigma, and have grown even more proud in that fact. I was elected into the officer position of Panhellenic Delegate, so I have been given the opportunity to work with different fraternities and sororities to plan events that encourage mingling between our groups. It has given me a new perspective on and appreciation for my sorority. I also got my Little Sister this past semester, who is an absolute gem of a human! I’ve really grown into the sisterhood of Tri Sigma this past year and I am incredibly grateful for it.

That is my quick year-in-review in terms of organizations. This July, you can also catch me presenting at AETG’s conference with my take on kinesthetic methods of grammar instruction!

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