Goal 5- Statistical Decision Making (MATH 171)

Statistical decision making met my goal 5 for my general education requirements.

So far this class was the most difficult college class I have taken. I have never taken a statistics class before and was eager to take one because my majors often require statistical data when researching. I wanted to take a class that would teach me the basics before I entered into a class like statistics in the social sciences. Although I struggled, I still was able to finish the class with B-.

I applied myself to this class so I could work towards understanding the material and achieving as high as a grade I could have attained. This class was by no means a easy A. I struggled for a long time and decided that I needed to go to my professors office hours and some tutoring sessions. I spent approximately 5-8 hours a week out of class getting help and studying for tests and quizzes. I redid homework as many times as I could to attain a grade that I felt okay with.

After all of my hard work I gained more than just a grade in this class. I learned how to approach college professors and how to ask for help when I was struggling. I think being put in a really challenging class my freshman year helped me gain confidence about being in college. The class made me realize that I was able to take rigorous classes and be able to succeed.

This class made me think and work towards learning new mathematical skills that will help me with my classes going forward. We did not have any projects or papers for this class only tests and online quizzes.