Goal 7- Modern Western Civilization (HIST 110)

Modern Western Civilization meets my goal 7 of my general education goals.

This class was one of favorite classes during my first semester of freshman year. The class taught about parts of western history that middle school and high school classes only touched upon. We learned about Different wars and genocides and read primary documents to help us understand what happened from a perspective during that time period.

This was the first class I have taken that was fully revolved around taking notes in class. The professor only had minimal slides that contained a picture or a few words. I have always been used to key information of the learning material being put on a board or in a powerpoint. The textbook was still available to us; however, it was filled with a lot of information and was vert confusing. I found that trying to follow the textbook forced me to focus on small details instead of what we needed to learn.

I soon was able to take detail notes in class and was able to decipher what I needed to write down and what was common knowledge or a side note. This was difficult at first, but I caught on quickly and then used the textbook to fill in the gaps or gain more information on a certain point. I really appreciated this because it taught me a lesson in learning styles that helped me in the class and in others. Instead of just focussing on the powerpoint and briefly listening the the professor, I was able to learn and retain more information by listening to the professor first and then taking notes.

One assignment in this class was a paper on any event that happening in the west during the twentieth century. I chose to write about women fashion in the 1920s. I enjoyed writing this paper because it gave me the freedom to write about a topic that I chose. Most classes do not give freedom on writing topic; however, when this class did it made me excited to write the paper. I started it right away and researched everything that I could about how women’s fashion had changed in the 1920s.

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