About Me

My name is Haley Schultz and I am student at Longwood University. I am part of the Cormier Honors College as a double major in Psychology and Sociology. I plan to add a minor in criminal justice in hopes of working with victims through a job in law enforcement.

I have grown up in a household with two law enforcement officers and have always wanted to go into that field of work. While growing up I learned many different aspects of what a career in law enforcement entails. I found that as I became older different aspects of the field were very interesting to me. Whenever I think about my future career I alway picture it having to do with helping victims in any way possible. This drive made me choose to major in Psychology and Sociology. This was I could potentially be able to counsel victims after a crime has been committed and help them seek justice.

One aspect of myself that I take the most pride in is that I care for everyone and everything. I have always wondered what my talent was since I was little. As I was growing up I always thought my talents were things like basketball or doing well in school. Although I do work hard and try to excel in things like sports and my education, I will not be in a sport or in school the rest of my life. I struggled with this for a long time because I never thought I had a true talent like my peers. It was not until my freshman year of college I learned that I had way more talents than I knew. A counselor at Longwood actually sat down with me and helped me make a list of talents. This list was made of character traits that I never acknowledged as talents. These character traits were things such as caring, empathetic, dedicated and persistent. That day I realized that I wanted to go into a job where I can put my talents to the most use.

My current plan is to finish college and work towards becoming a certified counselor to help victims of abuse and human sex trafficking. My main goal is to be able to help people in these situations recover and work towards reclaiming their lives. I want to spread a message of strength and encouragement for all those who fall victims to injustices.