STEPS Head Start Family Fun Time Activities Grant 


Project Abstract: 

Family Fun Time Activities are 30 minute premade packages that are sent home with the preschool aged children to do with their parents. The activities are intended to promote family engagement and involvement. 



The activities are intended to increase parent child involvement in the households with children who attend STEPS Head Start. The goal of these activities is to have pre-planned activities for parents to do with their children.



Five sets of premade activities will be delivered to each of the Head Starts in eight counties surrounding Farmville. Approximately there are 320 preschool aged children will be sent home with activities each day of the school week, totaling 1,600 premade bags of activities. Each activity would be sent home in a Longwood draw string bag. Five groups of students would create each activity and assemble them before delivery. Each group would need $500.00. Longwood University buses would be used to deliver the activities across the eight counties (Amelia, Prince Edward, Cumberland, Appomattox, Keysville, Nottaway, Buckingham, and Charlotte county). 


Expected Outcomes:

Through data collected from previous years of Family Fun Times Activities implementation, we expect for the activities to increase parent-child engagement and involvement. Previous surveys in 3 other counties have shown us that the activities are meeting our SMART goals.


Benefit to Longwood:

We believe that this project benefits Longwood in many ways. First, the people of Longwood University is raised in the community potentially strengthening the relationship between the local community and university. Second, parents and children receiving the activities will have a enjoyable experience through the university, which can potentially recruit the students in the future. Third, the project develops skills for current Longwood University students that connects what they are learning in the classroom out into the community. 


Current Status of the Project:

Currently students in Dr. Bidwell’s Sociology 222 class, students have made activities for Head Start in 3 surrounding counties (Prince Edward, Cumberland, Nottoway)



Approximately each Head Start has 40 preschool aged children. In previous years each group of students were given $100 to make one activity for 32 families. Most groups did not use their entire budget. In total the budget for 5 activities for 32 families was $500. Since not every group used their entire budget we estimate that each group could make activities for 40 families with the same $100 budget. By expanding our activities to eight different Head Start’s, we estimate that there will be 320 preschool aged children. If we account for 320 children, with five activities each, we would need to provide 1,600 activities in total. To provide eight different Head Start’s, we need to allocate $500 for activities per each Head Start. In total, the activities alone would cost $4,000.

As a benefit to Longwood University, we want each activity to be provided with something that represents Longwood. We would like to include things with Longwood University on it such as pens, key chain, plastic cup, lanyard, and/or a draw string bag. Each day there would be a new item within each activity. In estimate we would need 320 of each pens, chapsticks, key chains, plastic cups, lanyards, and draw string bags. Custom plastic pens are estimated at $0.11 each. In total pens would cost $35.00. Custom key chains are estimated at $0.30 each, totaling $96 in total. Custom plastic cups are estimated at $0.15 each, totaling to $48.00. Custom lanyards are estimated at $0.12, totaling to $39.00. Lastly, custom draw string bags are estimated at $0.60, totaling $192.00. In total we would need approximately $410.00 for promotional Longwood gifts. 

We intend to use Longwood University transportation for our method of delivery. We will rent the 12 passenger bus to fill with the activities and 2-3 students to deliver. The daily rate of the bus is $75.00. The charge of $75.00 will cover up to 115 miles. If we use any more milage, then we will be $0.65 charge for every mile. We will also need an additional $15.00 for a driver. In total we estimate that the delivery method will cost $120.00

Lastly, an incentive gift will be attached to the surveys as a thank you to the parents for participating in this program. 


Budget Total 

Activities $4,000.00


Promotional Gift $410.00


Delivery Method $120.00


Incentive Gift $1,600.00

Total $6,130.00