EDUC 245: Human Growth as a Function was most likely one of my favorite classes taken thus far at Longwood. I had the opportunity to learn about human development throughout the different stages of life. My favorite part about this class was that it challenged me to look at research and evidence through multiple perspectives. Humans and society are ever changing. I had many chances to research aspects of human development I found the most interesting, as well as more generic ones. This class helped me develop a deeper understanding of people and the choices that impact them later in life. One thing I found helpful in this class was reflection tasks. These reflection tasks encouraged me to work and collaborate among my peers, while at the same time applying what I had read in the textbook to information I could better comprehend. I found that these tasks helped me reflect on the information I mastered and information I needed to review more. The reflection tasks were complied at the end of the chapter to serve as a study guide for the class. Below is an example of a reflection task completed with a partner towards the end of the semester.

Reflection Task 4 

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