Hello! My name is Camryn Dodson and I am from Charlottesville, VA. Charlottesville is a close knit community that I thought I wouldn’t find anywhere else, but Farmville surprised me in that way. I come from a family of six with three younger siblings: two sisters and a brother.  I chose Longwood because of the great opportunities I have with the Cormier Honors College and the programs offered there. It also helps that the campus is filled with historic beauty. I instantly fell in love with the campus. I am a Liberal Studies Major with a concentration in Elementary Education. I have  dreamed of being a teacher from a young age, so it was not a challenge for me to pick a major. In the later years of high school, I took a few classes that allowed me to participate in a real classroom in my county. I fell in love with the behind the scenes action and learned so much about students and their needs. I want to be a advocate for those students that may have needs unknown to teachers now.  Times are changing and I would really like to incorporate modern learning and teaching styles into a classroom! My big plans start first with me as a student in a classroom. I am so blessed to go to a university as great as Longwood!


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