Camryn Dodson

Charlottesville, VA 22903 , ,434-989-9753


I am building skills to excel my  experience in  communicating with others and following up on responsibilities. I am creating this resume for a future career after completion of my major. This resume is based from the years of 2019 to current time. Requests beyond those years are available.


  • Communication with others
  • Planning events
  • Time management
  • Childcare/Petcare
  • Navigating programs such as Canva, iMovie, Google, etc.



  • Enhanced customer satisfaction by inquiring about services and offering additional assistance.
  • Maintained clean and orderly cashier area, removing spills, picking up trash, and restocking shelves.
  • Improved business knowledge and increased team efficiency
  • Assisted customers with diverse needs, including locating items and navigating different retail processes.


  • Handled personal hygiene needs, including diapering and bathing children
  • Strengthened physical skills using crafts like painting and drawing.
  • Cared for  multiple children up to nine hours while parents went out.
  • Developed professional relationships with parents.


  • Promoted physical and mental health of each animal with regular contact and exercise.
  • Managed basic animal needs, including regular feeding and medications.
  • Maintained comfortable, clean and sanitized animal quarters.


Bachelor of Science, May 2023

Longwood University Farmville, VA

  • Member of Alpha Lambda Delta
  • Dean’s List Fall Semester 2019
  • Dean’s List Spring Semester 2020
  • Member of Cormier Honors College


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