BIO 114: Biology for the Teaching Profession surprised me in a way I was not expecting. I had always associated biology with difficult topics that required a lot of memorization. I had never connected the subject with my own life and the planet we live on. This class taught me to apply the information I was gaining in class to the outside world. I was also challenged to think critically as a teacher would. This class was a preparation for teaching science curriculum to students of all ages. I never realized that biology topics make appearances in classrooms as young as elementary age. I enjoyed practicing lessons and creative projects. One thing that made this class worth while was the different learning styles present in the classroom. There was independent an group work, lectures, visuals, and hands-on activities for every chapter. Knowing that I would potentially have to teach certain topics in this course, I was determined to try to retain as much information as I could. Below is an example of a lesson I presented that incorporated VA SOL standards as well as a topic we covered in this course.

VA SOL Lesson


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