HIST 222: US History 1877- Modern Times helped me become a more knowledgeable citizen. US history is a subject taught over and over again from elementary school up until college. You would think that I would have mastered this topic because of the amount of times I have learned the material or the fact that I am from the US. Well, you would be pleasantly surprised. Each time I take this course or a variation of it, I am constantly learning new things. History has been rather boring for me leading up to this specific course, so I never took the proper precautions regarding retaining or studying. This course focused on more themes and issues relating to the US rather than wars or dates. I was able to dive deeper into the understanding I had of the nation and its people. My favorite part of this course was the final project. We were assigned an oral project where we could interview anyone we would like about a topic we found intriguing in US history. I chose to interview my neighbor who attended universities during the 1950s. I loved reliving history through the interviewee and my research. Below is a paper written on the 1950s woman based on collected evidence.

Oral Essay


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