CTZN 110: Society and its Monsters was the perfect introduction to honors classes. I was challenged to adapt new skills and use critical thinking. This class was focused on the horror genre and how it showcases injustice or issues in society. I got to look closely at books and movies that I wouldn’t usually turn an eye to. One of the biggest skills I developed in this class was public speaking. Public speaking has never been my strong suit, but I was glad I got to attempt it in a class that encouraged me. I was able to complete a full process to ensure my speech was compelling and made a point. This process consisted of research, outlines, rehearsal, and final touches. The first speech I did in this class was based on the movie Get Out by Jordan Peele. I was intrigued by this film because it illustrated racial injustice in the form of horror. I dissected each part of the movie to find the overall message Peele was trying to convey. I am pleased with the final product and my presentation of the material. Below is a link to the speech I gave.

Get Out Speech

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