Dear 2023 Camryn,

You did it! I really had no doubts that you couldn’t do it, but freshman year showed you that college was more than you were expecting. There is a big world out there outside of your little hometown and you’ve only scratched the surface. You have learned and will continue to learn that some people have bad intentions. I hope that you stayed away from those people and grew into a better you. I know you have struggled with putting yourself out there, but I can’t wait to meet all the new friends you  have made. This quarantine has given you a lot of free time to do little projects for people. I hope you have continued this passion and used it towards more community service at Longwood and in the Farmville community. Things are a little intimidating at this time, but I know you have it under control. I hope you overcame challenges that you were faced with. Don’t let the guilt or fear of debt keep you from graduating or doing the things you have dreamed! I hope by now you have found a job as a teacher in a wonderful part of Virginia. I know you are going far places. It takes one step at a time. Just breathe! Remember to take it all in while it lasts and thank the people that have helped you make it thus far. You have accomplished major milestones for your family and yourself. I am so proud. The future may be scary, but you also thought that a few years ago. Look at what time and patience do for you. Now get out there and use your knowledge to teach others.


2020 Camryn

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