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WGST 395

Reproductive Justice

In my fall 2020 semester, I took Reproductive Justice to satisfy my Historical & Contemporary or Behavioral/Social Perspectives requirement. This class was both a perspectives course and an honors course. The class focused on an in-depth understanding of the idea of reproductive justice, and the many limitations that women face in receiving this justice. My professor for this course was Dr. Dudley-Shotwell, the same professor as my CTZN 110 class from the fall of my freshman year. I was thrilled to take one of her classes again, and it came as no surprise that I leaned more in this class than any of my other classes in the fall semester.

Our final project for this class was to create a podcast around 10 minutes long, going into detail about a reproductive justice issue that we discussed at some point throughout the semester. Of course, there were plenty of options to choose from. Along with this requirement, we also had to center the podcast around how that chosen issue specifically affects our home town. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our finals were completed from home, so this made the project slightly easier for the class. I chose to focus on the topic of birth control access, and how this access is limited to specifically college-aged women from Northern Virginia. My podcast included information from many of the articles that we had studied throughout the semester, as well as two interviews that I conducted with birth control users from Northern Virginia. This podcast is some of my proudest work I have ever made.

Title: Birth Control Access for College-aged Women

Author: Nicole Ardovino

Date: 12/6/2020

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