Posted by Nicole Ardovino

CTZN 110

Bodies and Citizens

In the fall of 2019, I took my required Citizen 110 class by taking Bodies and Citizens, where we talked about physical appearance and how it can affect the rights and citizenship of Americans. I was unsure of the class and what to expect from it, and while it proved to be a large amount of work and reading, I found the topics very informative and interesting. Despite the long readings that were assigned for every class, I found myself very fascinated with the topics of discussion, and was excited to go to class. One of the most interesting units for me was about the female body, with topics such as childbirth and the many different kinds of birth control available. I was shocked by how much I did not know about my own gender. I learned valuable, interesting information each time I stepped into the classroom.

Our final project for this class was a very creative one. We were to act as if we were designing a class that was centered around one specific unit that we had discussed during the semester, and it was our choice which unit to pick. The goal was to relate the hypothetical class to your own major in some way, and as a communications major, I chose how LGBTQ groups were represented in media during different time periods. Not only was it a very fun and exciting final project, but this allowed me to realize how my major can be connected to almost any topic of discussion, or any class. It opened my eyes to how I can apply what I have learned so far as a communications major to my other classes, as well as my life experiences and my life as a whole.

Author: Nicole Ardovino

Date: 12/10/19

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