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EDUC 245

Human Growth as a Function of Social, Political and Economic Institutions

In the fall semester of my sophomore year, I took a child development class, to satisfy one of my honors course requirements. The course focused on human growth as a function of social, political, and economic institutions. We primarily focused on the different stages of child development, all the way from prenatal stages up until adolescence. As someone who never spent a large amount fo time around children, I found this information very new and useful to me.

For our final project of the semester, we were required to focus on a specific developmental stage, and research a common issue or topic found within that stage. I wanted to focus my topic on something that was relatively related to my major, so I chose to research how social media affects the development of adolescents today. I wrote a research paper detailed what results I found, and along with that, I created an interactive informational poster detailing how to overcome some common problems that arise when adolescents are exposed to too much social media usage. I targeted the poster towards parents of teenagers. As a communication studies major, I wanted to make sure that it was clear that social media is not entirely harmful, and that it actually provides a variety of benefits for adolescents, as long as it is being used in a positive way. Below is the poster that I created.


Author: Nicole Ardovino

Title: How Well Do You Know Your Child?

Date: 11/15/2020

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