Posted by Nicole Ardovino

ISCI 361

In the Fall of 2021, I took the perspectives course of Protecting Life on Earth, an environmental science course. As a communication studies major, this class was very far from what I was used to taking. However, I was pleasantly surprised to have thoroughly enjoyed this class. Throughout the fall semester, we learned about topics spanning from endangered species, invasive plants and animals, and even the basics of evolution.

With this focus on endangered species, I was tasked with a video project focussing on a specific species that is endangered. I chose the hawksbill sea turtle, and did extensive research on the reason why it has become endangered- the biggest reason being humans hunting them to turn their shells into human products. They have very specific and beautiful shell pattern that unfortunately make them a popular target for hunters to make money. The video below is my presentation which touches more on the details of this turtle.

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