Posted by Nicole Ardovino

FREN 211

In the fall of 2021, I took Intermediate Integrated Language and Culture, the course to follow my FREN 111 course. This class focussed on improving the french skills I already possessed, with a concentration on extending my vocabulary and learning more obscure and casual tenses that are used in France more often. A big difference between this course and its prerequisite was the learning technique that my different professors used. This class focussed more on using visual cues such as physical gestures, and a lot of activities involving flashcards with small pictures on them. These visual cues greatly improved my learning experience.

Throughout the semester, the class was often tasked with answering some short writing prompts entirely in French – something that I had never been assigned in the past. These prompts were extremely engaging and really helped me understand how to form longer sentences in the french language, which is a fundamental part of understanding the language as a whole. We had a total of five prompts throughout the semester, one of these five being the attached file below.

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