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SOCL 105

Sociology in Practice

In the spring of 2020, I satisfied my human behavior and social institutions pillar by taking my Sociology in Practice course. Within that class, we discussed and learned about relevant topics to society today, as well as the different social institutions our society has. One of my favorite topics was the concept of ethnocentrism, and the idea that a person within a certain country will see their own country as superior. I found the different discussions fascinating, and I was happy to learn about relevant problems that our country is currently facing. The class not only informed me of these issues, but showed me how they emerged in the first place.

My final paper for this class was the topic of my choice, but with the guidelines of it had to be about a relevant problem in my hometown. I was very excited to work on this paper, because instead of  a topic that was not specific to me, I had the ability to write about something that actually applied to my situation and where I grew up. I wrote my paper on the divide in social class, and how socioeconomic status has many different impacts on people depending on where they stand on that spectrum. This class opened my eyes to the kind of domino effect that inequality has on people of lower status, and allowed me to be more aware of the problems within our country, and our planet.

Artifact: How Socio-economic Status Affects Social Institutions

Author: Nicole Ardovino

Date: 4/20/20

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