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ENGL 165

Writing and Rhetoric

In the fall of 2019, I took my second of two honors classes, writing and rhetoric. In the past, English has been one of my best subjects. Because of this, I was very excited to take this course and excel at the one subject I find myself to be decent at. However, I found myself to be very bored for the majority of the days I was in the class. While I developed a deep understanding of how to use structure, language, and reference within my writing and everyday life, it felt as if that was the only topic we would ever earn or discuss in the class. It felt very repetitive, and much like my high school English classes, where we did virtually the same exact thing every day. Overall, I enjoyed the class, but mostly because it was easy to follow.

One of the most important things I learned from this class was how much I would like to improve my vocabulary. I feel as if it is below average, and I know a stronger use of vocabulary words would produce stronger papers. I also learned the importance of a works cited page, and how every word within your reference must be formatted in a very specific way. Because of this class, it is my new goal to read more, and allow myself to have stronger wording within  my essays. I believe that achieving this goal will allow me to improve as a writer, and improve within my honors courses.

Artifact: Literature Review

Author: Nicole Ardovino

Date: 10/2/19

This literature review was the first paper I wrote in the class. It helped me understand both APA writing style, as well as the importance of structure, language, and reference when writing a paper. It allowed me to analyze scholarly articals and gather their most important pieces of information to help support my argument of how social media affects adolescents.

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