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COMM 392 + 492

Communication Studies Internship Course

As a communication studies major, it is a requirement to have at least one internship before we graduate. Typically this is completed during the summer of junior year. However, I was lucky enough to complete this requirement during my sophomore year, while also earning honors credit for it. My internship with the Cormier Honors College as their social media manager/alumni newsletter writer lasted from the fall of 2020 until the end of the summer of 2021. The purpose of this course was to monitor my weekly hours, as well as keep up with occasional journal entries detailing how the internship was going. I found it very interesting how drastic my shift in confidence was between my first and last journal entries.

Our final assignment for both of these courses was to submit a final portfolio summarizing all that we accomplished and learned throughout our internship. I included photos that applied to some of the events that I attended for my internship, as well as my overall opinions and final thoughts on the internship. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity to work more closely with the honors college, and I am especially honored to have a much deeper connection with the honors faculty.

Artifact/Title: COMM Professional Portfolio

Author: Nicole Ardovino

Date: 4/30/2021

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