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COMM 101

Public Speaking

In my public speaking class, I practiced and improved my ability to speak and present to an audience. This was initially very challenging to me, and I was very nervous to stand in front of an entire classroom so many times in a semester and present to them confidently. However I very quickly realized that everyone in the class was in the same exact position as me, and was just as nervous as I was. Professor Mitten taught me how to feel confident and relaxed during my presentations. I also learned about the impact of body positions and how posture can non-verbally skew the audience’s opinions or feelings toward a presentation. This idea of nonverbal communication during a verbal presentation was probably my biggest takeaway from the class.

During the fall semester of 2019, my public speaking class was assigned several different types of speeches to present. Some of these included persuasive or biographical speeches. However, my favorite speech from Professor Mitten’s class was the informative speech. With that speech, I presented the topic of rugby and the rules by which the game is played. This was my favorite speech to present because of how passionate I am about the subject. My interest in the subject made it so much easier to stand in front of my classmates without feeling anxious. When I was passionate and interested in the topic, that was when I truly excelled at my presentations.

Artifact: informative speech

Title: The Rules of Rugby

Author: Nicole Ardovino

Date: 10/12/19

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