Scientific Reasoning Pillar

The Purpose of Psychology 101 is to understand scientific theories, methods, mental processes and behaviors.

I knew going into this class that it was going to be a challenge because I am not very interested in science. However, I took Psychology is high school so I was familiar with most of the material presented throughout the semester. During the class we were assigned a research paper where we had to find a topic write a about it and create a PowerPoint presentation to share with the class. I found the paper to be the most challenging part of the class because it was hard to pick a topic and stay invested in that topic. I really enjoyed when we were able to participate in senior research study. I found myself signing up for a lot of them because I wanted to help the seniors with their projects and found that it was a interesting way to learning about different topics in Psychology. I learned that even though I am not interested in science I learned that I could still work hard in a class and receive a high grade.

I have provided the link to my research paper on Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. This paper was important because after learning about the mental process and behaviors in psychology I was able to pick my topic of interest and showcase my topic in a presentation.

Cierra White “The Effects of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder on Sleep Patterns,” November 17, 2019.