Historical and Contemporary Insights Pillar

The purpose of history 221 is to analyzes historically sources and use critically reasoning skills to interpret the colonial period to 1877.

As I discussed in my History 222 post I decided to pursue a minor in History. This class further my love of history as we study up to the period of reconstruction. I really enjoyed this class and overall I found it fairly easy. I would have to say the hardest part of this class was the transition to online learning and just trying to adapting to the situation. This class made me was to visit the homes of the united states founding presidents and battlefield because the information I was learning was so interesting. I really enjoyed this class and I looked forward to expanding my love of history throughout my next three year at longwood.

During this class I was assigned to do a primary source analyzes. The important of this paper was to read documents about the Antebellum South and create a thesis and support that thesis through claims from the documents. I have provided the link below to my history paper.

Cierra White, “Antebellum,” April 6, 2020.

HIST 221paper