Quantitative Reasoning Pillar

The purpose of Math 171 is for students to be able to use statistics to practice use of problem solving, decision making, and critical thinking skills.

Math 171 was the most challenging course of my freshman year. I did not take a math class my senior year in high school so I was very worried about statistics. However the first part of the semester I did fairly well. The most challenging part of this class was switching to online learning due to the pandemic. This was a huge adjustment because I was responsible for learning the material on my own. It was very difficult just watching videos and having to email my professor questions about an assignment. Although, this was a challenging class I did my best and I was able to pass the course. This course taught me to push through hardships and have faith that everything will work out in the long run.

I have provided the link to a two part math project that involved students from Math 171 and Math 301 enrolled in Spring courses at Longwood University. The purpose of this project was to compare the heights between juniors and sophomores to reach the conclusion of if their was enough statistically evidence to suggest any difference in the averages of heights of sophomores and juniors.

Cierra White, “The Collegiate Study of Heights for students enrolled in Math 171 and Math 301 for Spring 2020,” April 30, 2020.

Project 2 MATH 171