Connecting Industry to Career Reflection

I can use skills and knowledge that I have gained in sociology courses about the Criminal Justice, Education, and Family institution to help perform the duties of my future job as a lawyer. In the criminal justice institution I have gained knowledge about inequality, discrimination, color blind racism, the prison industrial complex, and race disparities within the criminal justice field. Learning these concepts in the sociology of law class and race and racism class has allowed me to enhance my critical thinking skills by making connections into how inequality, racism, and discrimination can influence an individual’s life which can result in them ending up in the Criminal Justice Industry.  Furthermore, assignments that I have done in this class such as briefing cases, outlining legal arguments, and presenting a legal argument in a manner that reflects a mock courtroom. This process was very beneficial because I had to rely on precedents from other legal causes to support my argument and then be ready to answer all legal questions asked while still presenting the facts of my case. This class has strengthened my skills of researching, critically thinking, presententing, organization, and communicating effectively. Additionally, while analyzing and researching these connections it has allowed me to develop the ability to be empathetic and connect with a multitude of individuals. In the Family institution I learned about the balance between work and family and how family is a social construct. I can use the skills and knowledge learned in the family institution to perform the duties of a future lawyer because this class has helped me develop soft skills in compassion, communication, and professionalism. Skills such as communication in the legal field is essential because it is essential for a lawyer to be able to communicate, understand, and actively listen to their clients to be able to help them in a way that’s beneficial for them.  In the Education institution I learned about the development of education in America, inequality in the education system, and the prison to pipeline situation. Based on these concepts in the sociology of education class I was able to use skills and knowledge learned about different institutions to help perform the duties of a future lawyer by connecting with individuals of all different socioeconomic backgrounds, conducting research, coding, and using critical thinking skills.