Aesthetic Expressions Pillar

The purpose of Communications 101 is to provided students with public speaking skills and the ability to evaluate other public speakers.

I was very excited to take a public speaking class because I value my communications skills as one of my best personality traits. The first speech I had in this class was a introductory speech in introduce myself to my peers. I enjoyed being able to write a fun and personal story about my life to introduce myself to the class. The next speech I had was a narrative story. I chose to tell the story of how the best day of my life turned into me having the worst birthday ever. I found writing and story telling very easy as my classmates enjoyed my speeches and I received great feedback from my professor. However, the class became challenging after I gave my second speech because the university switched to online learning due to the coronavirus pandemic. This made the class difficult because our three remaining speeches now had to be given online. This was also a hassle because I had to recorded myself in the best possible setting and keep the rest of my family quite while I gave my speeches. Trying to navigate the panopto app and keep up with all the zoom meetings were the most challenging aspects of this class.

I was surprised at how well I adapted to online class and was able to handle to stress and hardships of online learning. I learned to always move forward and try my best despite what is going on around me.  I am very thankful for the public speaking skills that I learned that will help me throughout life.

I have provided the link below to my final speech in COMM 101. This speech is important because I was tasked with creating a persuasive speech on a topic I found interesting.

Cierra White, “The United States needs to stop meddling in foreign affairs.” May 7, 2020.