Methodology Reflection

The skills and knowledge that I have learned in my research methods and statistics course can help in performing the duties of a job as a lawyer. Learning these skills in research methods and gaining a deep understanding of all concepts in the social research process will help me with legal research. Legal research is the process of learning legal precedents, legal principles, laws, regulations, and outcomes/events that lead to the development of these laws/policies. Additionally, the knowledge of the social research process can help me in crafting court briefs and memos. This can help with my writing skills and analytical skills for examining a case. Additionally, I would have personal experience by conducting my own research study, so I would be used to interviewing individuals, transcribing interviews, coding the interviews, and then analyzing those codes for recurring themes. Additionally, this would provide me with the confidence to be able to conduct more research that could potentially be published. Also, a part of being a lawyer is being able to analyze a case and put the best argument forth and research methods would help with this due to collecting sources and knowledge in literature reviews. Overall, it is significant that the skills and knowledge I learned in my research ,methods and statistics course will be essential in developing a winning argument in court. Overall, I am glad that I have taken these methodology courses because they have helped me grow as a student and have allowed for my writing to mature in a more sociological manner.