CTZN 110

May the Odds Ever be in Your Favor: Citizenship Through the Hunger Games

In my Citizen 110 class with Professor Beach we read the Hunger Games trilogy. It was really interesting because we learned what citizenship is and how it’s comparable in the books and in the real world. This class was more discussion based rather than lecture based. All of our presentations were oral presentations.  Because of this class, it really helped me overcome some of my shyness because of all the presentations we had to present in front of the whole class.  It also really helped with my public speaking.

For each chapter we read in the books, we had to write a description of the chapter, significant action in the chapter, and discussion points to discuss in class. Each person had to discuss for three minutes a chapter from the books once for both semesters. For each book we gave an oral presentation on a connection between the book and real world issues. Our last presentation was a panel discussion on surveillance/privacy, celebrities influence, and poverty. My panel discussion was on surveillance on the internet. My topic was what is the government’s responsibility to not spy on their citizens and what is the company’s responsibility to not spy on their users. Attached is the outline for my panel discussion.