Hello, welcome to my blog!

My name is Tamia Daniel and I’m a freshman at Longwood University. Also, I’m a member of the Cormier Honors College for citizen scholars. I’m majoring in Liberal Studies with a concentration in elementary education and I’m minoring in photography.

I decided to major in Liberal Studies because of one little girl, who I will never forget. A few years ago, I started volunteering with the LeafSpring daycare over the summer. I really fell in love with one of the children who had autism. I felt like I was her protector, and her mentor, I talked with her and provided reassurance to her and let her know that she could achieve whatever she put her mind too. Being around her and teaching her, helped me realize that I want to inspire the younger generation and help establish their futures. I want to encourage them to know that they can be whatever they put their minds too.

I chose Longwood University because of the people and the community. It’s a small school and everyone is so friendly and approachable.