BIO 114

Biology for the Teaching Profession

In my Biology class with Dr. Lehman, we focused primarily on preparing us, future educators, for the classroom. It helped me to learn and gain more knowledge and skill for a teaching licensure in life science.

Close to the end of the semester we had to create a poster to present at the Fall Student Showcase for Research and Creative Inquiry. My group decided to test the effects of pH Levels on Seed Germination. Our goal was to determine which pH levels would allow sunflower seeds to germinate. Our hypothesis was that plain water would allow seeds to germinate more than other pH levels. We put five seeds in five petri dishes for each liquid. After five days, we calculated the percent germination and measured the root length of all germinated seedlings. Black bread mold had formed over the petri dishes for some substances, orange juice and baking soda, presenting a possible obstacle for their use in a classroom setting.