SPAN 211

Intermediate Integrated Language and Culture

In my Spanish class, we relearned some old material and we also went over some new material. The goal was for us to be able to communicate easily and understand Spanish completely. This class was a combination of discussion based and lecture based. Some days we would watch videos on the material that we learned and then we would talk about what we knew and what we didn’t know from watching the video. On other days we focused more on taking notes from the material and doing practice activities from our textbooks.

Each class we learned new material that led us to be able to make our project. For my project I partnered with another girl in the class. Our project was on the salsa dancing. We had to make a powerpoint presentation which included the background of salsa dancing, a map of where it originated, and a video showing step by step how to salsa dance.  With this class I found out that I learn better visually rather than listening to someone go over the topic.