HIST 222

US History 1877 Modern Times History

In my History class with Professor Dudley Shotwell, we focused on the continuity and the change in American life from 1877 to modern times. We analyzed historical sources and constructed arguments. The class was more speaking infused rather than writing infused. When we took notes, we didn’t copy them from a powerpoint, we talked about the topic and we wrote down what we thought was important.  This teaching style really helped me with writing notes that work for me and not just for everyone else.

Throughout the semester, our homework didn’t change. On Mondays and Wednesdays we had to turn in crash course notes and discussion guides from our textbook. On Fridays we had to turn in annotations on multiple different primary sources.

For our final project we had to create a Buzzfeed article that describes the seven ways that studying US History 1877 to modern times history shaped the way we think about things. We had to use at least seven different topics from the syllabus that corresponds with our idea. For my exam I chose to discuss the mistreatment of different races and how they fought through it. Attached is a copy of my final project.

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