EDUC 245

Human Growth and Development

My Human Growth and Development class was my first course that I took that was required for my major.  I was able to take this as an honors level course.  The main reason why I loved this course was because it was more of a discussion based class rather than a lecture based class.  We were able to communicate with the professor and our peers.  Throughout the course we had a lot of partner and group work.  This was a benefit to me because I was able to ask others for feedback on an assignment.  By taking this class I realized that I learn better when I’m able to work with others.

In this course, we went over the cognitive, social/personality, and physical development of  a child from infancy to middle childhood.  We were able to gather information from these topics by learning from others in the classroom.  Our professor either split us up into groups or had us work alone and we had to read the textbook and then make a presentation on the topic we studied.  Once we made a presentation, we then had to present it to the class.  Due to Covid 19 and having to do school work from home, our professor had us add audio or video files to our presentations.  Attached below is one of the PowerPoints I made in this course on the social/personality development on middle childhood children.