The Cormier Honors College motto is that “It’s not more work; it’s different work.”  With scholarship we think about it more to do with our academics and what we learn as scholars.  Why I consider myself as a scholar is because I constantly look to gain new knowledge on different subjects.  I continue to pursue additional information to further my knowledge.  Some qualities of a scholar is that they have good communication skills, they contribute to the community, they are curious to learn, and they are creative thinkers.  Also, I believe that a scholar is someone who isn’t afraid to ask questions.

Currently, I’m studying to become a kindergarten teacher.  I strive to have my future students taught to grow up and to become scholars.  I want to teach them not to be afraid to ask for help when you need it.  I feel if you foster a loving and nurturing environment in a child’s earlier years, then this will prepare the child for the future.  It would also continue throughout their years in higher education and their life outside of school.