Dr. Elif Guler publishes in the Journal of Public Rhetoric

A manuscript Dr. Elif Guler completed based on a study she conducted in an advanced “rhetoric and professional writing” course at Longwood University has been slated for publication in the fall issue of Reflections: A Journal of Public Rhetoric, Civic Writing, and Service Learning. Dr. Guler’s manuscript, “The Pedagogical Implications for Teaching Ataturk’s ‘Address to the Youth’ for Global Public Rhetorics and Civic Action in the U.S. Writing Classroom,” proposes that the public work of rhetorical instruction includes helping students develop as global citizen leaders by allowing them to explore and critically become aware of various national cultures and rhetorical traditions across the world. Co-authored with Iklim Goksel of Indiana University Purdue University Fort Wayne, the manuscript argues that instructional activities that build on cross-national texts enable the writing classroom to function as a microcosm of larger contexts where public rhetorics are practiced. Such activities encourage students’ engagement with cross-national cultures and help them come to terms with contextual-knowledge constraints of a rhetorical situation as well as with the affordances of such situations for making meaning out of texts. Contextually influential cross-national texts can provide guidance for instructors in a systematic introduction of rhetorics for civic action and change.

Ataturk’s Great Speech (including the ‘Address to the Youth’), Wikimedia Commons

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