Dr. Kenneth Pestka II is Offering an Online Astronomy Class (PHYS 115) During Summer I

For those who may be interested in learning astronomy online,
Physics 115 is being offered this summer!
Fulfills Goal 6 and the Scientific Reasoning Pillar
PHYS 115: Evolution of the Cosmos
Evolution of the Cosmos (4 credits) is being offered during Summer I as an online only course and will fulfill the Goal 6 general education requirement or the Scientific Reasoning Pillar requirement. Course description: An introductory physics course that incorporates essential aspects of scientific reasoning and inquiry applied to cosmic evolution including: essential astronomy, the evolution of planetary systems, stars and galaxies, the Hubble relationship, astrobiology, the evolution of the universe and life. 4 credits. G06; FSRC, WI
For questions please contact Dr. Kenneth A. Pestka II (pestkaka@longwood.edu)

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