Dr. Christopher Swanson

Dr. Swanson of the department of music gave two performances as tenor soloist of a relatively new oratorio: MISA AZTECA by Joseph Julian Gonzalez. Performances were April 26 and 27 in Lynchburg and Roanoke VA with full orchestra and the Randolph College choir under the direction of Randall Speer.

Steven Isaac publishes article on 1214 Battle of Bouvines

Steven Isaac has published an article in The Journal of Military History 79 (April 2015) titled “The Role of Towns in the Battle of Bouvines (1214).”  Bouvines has long been recognized as “the battle that made France,” but this article looks at the social dynamics leading up to the day of actual fighting. The article […]

Dr. Kenneth Pestka II publishes feature article in The Physics Teacher.

Dr. Kenneth Pestka II of Longwood University and Jennifer Heindel,  museum educator at the Abbe Museum, collaborated on the paper, “An Interdisciplinary Approach to Drag Forces: Estimating Floodwater Speed from Displaced Riverbed Boulders”. The paper appears as a feature article in the May issue of The Physics Teacher and is freely available for download at the AIP […]

Robert Marmorstein

Dr. Robert Marmorstein, Associate Professor of Computer Science, was published in the Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges, January 2015, pp. 117-125. He presented his paper “Teaching semaphores using… semaphores” at the CCSC Eastern District Conference in York, PA.

Don Blaheta

Don Blaheta, Assistant Professor of Computer Science, was published in the Proceedings of the 46th ACM technical symposium on Computer Science Education, March 2015, pp. 476–481. He presented his paper “Unci: a C++-based Unit-testing Framework for Intro Students” at the SIGSCE conference in Kansas City, MO.

Dr. Christopher Swanson

Dr. Swanson, of the department of music, gave a world premier of a song cycle titled The Resolutions of Eve, by Randall Speer and poetry by Jim Peterson (both faculty at Randolph College). Swanson performed with violinist Christi Salisbury, guitarist Rafael Scarfullery and percussionist Ed Mikenas. The premier took place on April 3 in lynchburg Virginia.

BES alumni publishes in Genes, Genomes, Genetics journal

Dr. Consuelo Alvarez and 6 BES alumni are the coauthors of the article: “The Drosophila Muller F elements maintain a distinct set of genomic properties over 40 million years of evolution” to be published in mid spring in the .  For immediate access, the online version could be accessed in PubMed.  This work is a […]

Steven Faulkner’s “Bitterroot” to Appear in 2016

Steven Faulkner’s new book, Bitterroot: Traveling with Pierre Jean De Smet, Lewis and Clark, and the Nez Perce, has just been accepted for publication by Beaufort Books of New York. Scheduled to appear in 2016, Bitterroot is a travel memoir of Steve’s journeys hiking, mountain biking, and canoeing the Idaho mountains with Alex, his youngest […]