Kristen Welch

Kristen Welch has the following forthcoming presentations: “Rhetoric, Religion, and Authority: Pentecostal Holiness Women Preachers Speaking Truth.” Priscilla Papers. Autumn 2010 issue. (Peer Reviewed).  “Early Oklahoma Women Preachers of the International Pentecostal Holiness Church.” The Chronicles of Oklahoma. Accepted April 2010; publication date TBD. (Peer Reviewed)  “Legacy as Techne in the Rhetorics of Women Preachers.” […]

Kat Tracy

Kat Tracy been offered a contract for her book manuscript Torture and Brutality in Medieval Literature: Negotiations of National Identity from British publishers Boydell and Brewer.

Robin Smith

Robin Smith has been appointed to the Virginia State Literacy Team, which has been given the task of creating a K-16 literacy framework for the Commonwealth as part of a grant awarded to the VA Dept. of Education.

Kelsey Scheitlin

Kelsey Scheitlin had a chapter published in Hurricanes and Climate Change, Volume 2, Editors: James B. Elsner, Robert E. Hodges, Jill C. Malmstadt, Kelsey N. Scheitlin.  Her chapter is titled: A track-relative climatology of Eglin Air Force Base hurricanes in a variable climate.

Ramesh Rao

Ramesh Rao presented a paper, “Spirituality and Jiddu Krishnamurti’s philosophy of Transcending Human Capabilities,” at the annual National Communication Association conference in San Francisco, on November 14, 2010.  Ramesh also had the following op-eds published – “India’s name in the mud, literally” (The Pioneer, New Delhi, 08/28/2010); “A bleak outlook, but so be it” (The […]

Michael Lund and Geoff Orth

English Professor Emeritus Michael Lund and Geoff Orth co-authored an article entitled “From the White House to Our House: The Story of an Honors College Vegetable Garden,” which appeared in the 2010 edition of Honors in Practice, v.6, pp. 177-87.

Kelly Nelson

Kelly Nelson presented at the Friends of Dard Hunter Conference, a national papermaking conference held at Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts.  She presented “Solarplates”, a less toxic printmaking method that can be processed and printed as relief or intaglio.  Two students, Amanda Haymans and Lindsay Decker, presented with Kelly.  She also presented “I’ve Been […]

Chris McGee

Chris McGee contributed a chapter entitled “The Power of Secrets: Backwards Construction and The Children’s Detective Story” to the newly published collection Telling Children’s Stories: Narrative Theory and Children’s Literature, available from University of Nebraska Press.

David Magill

David Magill’s article “How to Write a True Essay:  The Things They Carried in the Composition Classroom” appeared in Approaches to Teaching the Works of Tim O’Brien, edited by Catherine Calloway and Alex Vernon (Dec 2010).  He also had an essay “‘Border Panic’ and the Bounds of Racial Identity” accepted for publication in Profiling and […]

Leigh Lunsford and Alix Fink

Leigh Lunsford and Alix Fink co-authored “Water Taste Test Data,” in the Datasets and Stories section in the peer-reviewed online Journal of Statistics Education, Volume 18, Number 1 (2010).  More information is available at the folowing link: