Dr. Craig Challender’s work in progress

“Armory Square Hospital:  13th January 1864” and “Neponset, Illinois:  20th April 1874,” a six-poem sequence, will be featured in The Sewanee Review’s fall Literature of War issue.  The sequence is part–hopefully the climactic part–of a full-length manuscript, United States, that Challender has been working on for the past five years, a call-and-response linking of the Viet Nam and […]

Dr. Dale Beach and Dr. Consuelo Alvarez Publish Synthetic Biology lab course

The publication titled, “Biology by Design: an Introductory Level, Project-Based, Synthetic Biology Laboratory Program for Undergraduate Students” represents a semester long laboratory project built for our current Genetics course. The paper will appear in the December issue of Journal of Microbiology and Biology Education. The project helps students  understand the field of Synthetic Biology, a […]

Dr. Chris Bjornsen publishes study on students’ cell phone use during class and test grades

The journal “Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Psychology,” a new publication of the American Psychological Association, will publish a report of the results of Dr. Bjornsen’s study of student in-class cell phone use and it’s relation to test grades. Dr. Bjornsen collected daily reports of cell phone use from each student (except 1, who […]