Dr. Kenneth Pestka II is Offering an Online Astronomy Class (PHYS 115) During Summer I

For those who may be interested in learning astronomy online, Physics 115 is being offered this summer! Fulfills Goal 6 and the Scientific Reasoning Pillar PHYS 115: Evolution of the Cosmos Evolution of the Cosmos (4 credits) is being offered during Summer I as an online only course and will fulfill the Goal 6 general education requirement […]

Dr. Kenneth Pestka II with undergraduate Jacob Hull (18) present at the 175th Acoustical Society of America Meeting

Dr. Kenneth Pestka II and undergraduate Jacob Hull (18) in collaboration with Jonathan Buckley (16) and Stephen Kalista Jr. presented the talk titled, “Elastic constants of self-healing polyethylene co-methacrylic acid determined via resonant ultrasound spectroscopy,” at the 175th Acoustical Society of America Meeting on Friday May 11, 2018. An online lay language version of the […]

Longwood University students in collaboration with Dr. Kenneth Pestka II publish in the Visual Physics section of The Physics Teacher.

Longwood University dual degree engineering student Rebecca Skelton (18) and recent physics graduate Chelsea Dandridge (17) in collaboration with Dr. Kenneth Pestka II produced the Egg bounce! The work, published in the Visual Physics section of The Physics Teacher, is now available online. https://aapt.scitation.org/doi/10.1119/1.5028255 The images and video were produced during a research project designed to […]

Dr. Kenneth Pestka II and recent Longwood physics graduate Jonathan Buckley (16) publish paper in Scientific Reports.

The paper titled, “Elastic evolution of a self-healing ionomer observed via acoustic and ultrasonic resonant spectroscopy,” by Dr. Kenneth Pestka II and Longwood physics graduate Jonathan Buckley (16) along with collaborators Stephen Kalista Jr. and Nicholas Bowers was published today in Nature Publishing Group’s open access journal Scientific Reports. The manuscript presents a relatively new […]

Ludwar Lab presents at the meeting of the of the American Diabetes Association

Bjoern Ludwar presented a new study on the use of fingerprint symmetry (dermatoglyphics) for the early detection of diabetes mellitus at the 77th Scientific Session of the American Diabetes Association in San Diego. Dr. Ludwar, Longwood student Saarah M. Holayel, and their collaborators from Ohio University and Touro University CA looked at an ethnically diverse population from Northern […]

Bjoern Ludwar publishes article in the Journal of Neurophysiology

Biology text books explain that the brain’s neurons talk to each other via action potentials. These electrical all-or-none impulses are a form of digital information transmission – just like a CD player digitally decodes music. In a recently published paper* we describe how some sensory cells employ a very different form of information transmission. This […]

Bjoern Ludwar on “With Good Reason”

The NPR radio show With Good Reason features Bjoern Ludwar this month, talking about how fingerprint symmetry could potentially predict the risk for Type 2 diabetes. In Farmville the show is broadcast on WMLU 91.3 FM Wednesdays at 3:00 p.m., but it is also available online at http://withgoodreasonradio.org/episode/digital-doctors/?t=00:17:13.

Kenneth Pestka II and Jonathan Buckley present research at APS Meeting and Cook-Cole Poster Session.

Assistant professor of physics Kenneth A. Pestka II and Longwood undergraduate physics major Jonathan D. Buckley presented their research on the acoustic properties of self-healing polymers at the annual American Physical Society (APS) March Meeting of 2016. The APS March Meeting is the world’s largest annual physics conference with over 9,800 people in attendance for […]

BES students present research at NCUR

Dr. Amorette Barber and Dr. Wade Znosko travelled with four students to present at the 2016 National Conference on Undergraduate Research.  Dr. Barber’s students (Adam Lynch and William Hawk) presented their research titled “Chimeric PD1 Expressing T cells for Anti-Tumor Therapy” and Dr. Znosko’s students (Alexa Tepley and Melanie Books) presented their research titled “Expanding the Indicator […]

Bjoern Ludwar and Student present at ACTS 2016

Bjoern Ludwar’s research poster entitled “Wavelet Based Analysis of Fingerprint Asymmetry to Assess the Risk of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus” and co-authored by Longwood Biology student Mahelet Mamo,  was selected for presentation at the 2016 annual meeting of the Association for Clinical and Translational Science (ACTS) in Washington, DC. The Association for Clinical and Translational […]