Article on speech standards in ancient India by Ramesh Rao

Ramesh Rao, Professor, Communication Studies, has an article published in the latest issue of China Media Research (January 2013, Vol 9:1).  The article is titled, “Navigating “Truthfulness” as a Standard for Ethical Speech: Revisiting Speech in Ancient India”.

Consuelo Alvarez featured in iBioMagazine interview

In the newest issue of IBioMagazine,  three Genome Consortium for Active Learning (GCAT) members, including Dr. Consuelo Alvarez, are featured: Consuelo Alvarez, Edison Fowlks, and Todd Eckdahl and tell short stories about how they got into teaching college biology. Edison was way ahead of his time as an African American biochemist bringing research to HBCUs. Todd was […]

Op-ed piece in The Pioneer, New Delhi

Ramesh Rao, Prof, Communication Studies, has a new op-ed in The Pioneer (New Delhi), on the politics of official apologies:

Ramesh Rao, Professor, Communication Studies had an op-ed published in The Pioneer (New Delhi) on January 26, 2013. “Will he consolidate or buckle?”, (January 26, 2013),

World Congress of Religions 2012 — Talk by Ramesh Rao

Ramesh Rao, Professor, Communication Studies, was one of 20 speakers invited to talk at the World Congress of Religions 2012 in Washington, DC, November 30-December 2, 2012.  Ramesh’s talk was titled, “Religious Pluralism: The Key to Overcoming Global Conflict and Achieving Peace”.  The website for the conference can be accessed at: A version of […]

The Pioneer, New Delhi, op-ed commentaries

Ramesh Rao, Professor, Communication Studies, had nine op-ed commentaries published in The Pioneer, New Delhi, in 2012.  The commentaries were on political, social, and cultural issues facing both India and the United States.  They can be accessed below: “Creeping Religion, Crouching Secularism,” (February 18, 2012),; “Media in the Age of Populism,” (April 14, 2012), […]

A Communication Perspective on Interfaith Dialogue

Ramesh Rao, professor, Communication Studies, has co-authored a chapter titled, “Hindu Interfaith Discourse: Spiral of Silence as a Theological Inevitability” in Daniel Brown (Ed.) “A Communication Perspective on Interfaith Dialogue: Living within the Abrahamic Traditions”.  The book is published by Lexington Books.

Gary Page comments on article in “New Scientist”

Visiting assistant professor of physics, Gary Page, was contacted as an expert to comment on an article being written for New Scientist. The article, “Dwarf planet Eris may reveal quantum gravity”, was published in the January 2013 issue. A short paragraph of Dr. Page’s contribution appears at the end of the article.