The Pioneer, New Delhi, op-ed commentaries

Ramesh Rao, Professor, Communication Studies, had nine op-ed commentaries published in The Pioneer, New Delhi, in 2012.  The commentaries were on political, social, and cultural issues facing both India and the United States.  They can be accessed below:

“Creeping Religion, Crouching Secularism,” (February 18, 2012),; “Media in the Age of Populism,” (April 14, 2012),; “Don’t Shoot the Messenger,” (May 12, 2012),; “A Liberal Gnashing of Teeth”, (June 16, 2012),; “At the Mad Widow’s Wedding”, (August 25, 2012),; “A tale of two conventions (concoctions)”, (September 8, 2012),; “Bloodless digits of the ‘Hindu Nationalist Party’”, (October 6, 2012),; “Defeat for Sociopathology,” (November 10, 2012),; “Through crises we are revealed,” (December 29, 2012),;

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