Heather Lettner Rust and Elif Guler at the 2017 Conference on College Composition and Communication

Drs. Heather Lettner-Rust and Elif Guler of the Rhetoric and Professional Writing Program at Longwood recently presented their research at the 2017 Conference on College Composition Communication (CCCC), which took place from March 15-18 in Portland, Oregon. Dr. Lettner-Rust (Composition Coordinator) collaborated with Dr. James Holsinger (Director of the Writing Center) in facilitating a workshop […]

Franssen Labs attend SYNAPSE 2017

Adam Franssen (Biology) and Catherine Franssen (Psychology) took six students to Presbyterian College on March 25, 2017 for the annual Symposium for Young Neuroscientists and Professors of the SouthEast (SYNAPSE). Keaton Unroe (’17), Theresa Fruchterman (’18), and Abbey Ripley (’18) presented work with Dr. A. Franssen entitled “Maternal Estrogen Receptor Levels Higher in “Bad” Maternal Rats […]

Chris Bjornsen’s research with Longwood students and international colleagues

Chris Bjornsen’s two programs of research (social media use, overdiagnosis of psychological disorders) have recently led to presentations that will be given at 1 national and 2 international conferences: Bjornsen, C., Poredoš, M., Puklek Levpušček, M., Zupančič, M., & Kavčič, T. (2017, September). Positive and Negative Social Media Use and Personality Traits Across Cultures. Poster […]