Kat Tracy interviewed on NPR’s With Good Reason

Enjoy a lively introduction to the great heroes of Medieval literature. Kat Tracy (Associate Professor at Longwood University) reacquaints us with the popular characters—like Gawain, Robin Hood, and Richard the Lionheart—and the lesser-known heroes, like Hengist and Horsa and Havelok the Dane! The interview aired on Oct. 26, 2013, but here’s a link to the […]

Dr. Christopher Swanson

Dr. Christopher Swanson will attend and present at the College Music Society National Conference in Boston on October 31 and November 1. He will give a short talk on effective ways to juggle teaching, studying, and home life.

Professor Laura Farrell Scholar of the Year Award & Psychology Progress Featured Researche

Professor Laura Farrell, Lecturer of Communication Studies, earned the 2013 Scholar of the Year for the Communication, Speech, and Theatre Association of North Dakota. Professor Farrell received this honor for a combination of award-winning research and service over the last year.  This work included earning the Top Published Manuscript of the Year for 2012 (published in […]