Professor Laura Farrell Scholar of the Year Award & Psychology Progress Featured Researche

Professor Laura Farrell, Lecturer of Communication Studies, earned the 2013 Scholar of the Year for the Communication, Speech, and Theatre Association of North Dakota.

Professor Farrell received this honor for a combination of award-winning research and service over the last year.  This work included earning the Top Published Manuscript of the Year for 2012 (published in CSTAND’s journal, also winning the award for their association), the top panel at the CSTAND annual conference this year, selection for an invited panel at an upcoming CSTAND spring conference, and presenting and publishing regularly in the discipline.   To earn this award, Professor Farrell also demonstrated engagement in service to the discipline and her institution, along with an excellence for teaching ability and willingness to continue refining pedagogical and assessment strategies in the field, particularly from the students’ perspective.

Furthermore, Professor Farrell’s research on online academic communities was selected to be featured as a Key Research Article in Psychology Progress, demonstrating the cross-disciplinary application for this important work.

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