Dr. Kenneth Pestka II is Offering an Online Astronomy Class (PHYS 115) During Summer I

For those who may be interested in learning astronomy online, Physics 115 is being offered this summer! Fulfills Goal 6 and the Scientific Reasoning Pillar PHYS 115: Evolution of the Cosmos Evolution of the Cosmos (4 credits) is being offered during Summer I as an online only course and will fulfill the Goal 6 general education requirement […]

Phillip Cantrell publishes essay on the Congo in the World History Bulletin

Dr. Phillip Cantrell of the Dept. of History has recently published an essay titled “A Lost Opportunity for Congo: The Renovation of the Africa Museum and the Perils of  Public Funding for World History.”  The essay appeared in December in the World History Bulletin (XXXV, no. 2 (2019): 34-36) and discusses the renovations made to the Royal Museum […]

Of Wolves and Mercenaries

Dr. Steven Isaac has just published an article in the summer edition of the Cahiers de Civilisation Médiévale 59:2 in France.  The article, “Le Loup et le Mercenaire: une métaphore d’exclusion au XIIe siècle,” looks at how medieval chroniclers, because they did not have the actual term “mercenary” (in its modern sense) available to them, […]

Steven Isaac in roundtable on terrorism; featured on AHA blog and C-Span

As a result of a chapter contributed to the recent Routledge History of Terrorism, history professor Steven Isaac was invited to participate in a roundtable on “The History of Terrorism: New Avenues of Research”  at the 2016 Annual Meeting of the American Historical Association, held in Atlanta at the start of January. The panel drew […]

Steven Isaac publishes chapter: “Medieval Terrorism”

Professor Steven Isaac has contributed a chapter, “Medieval Terrorism: the Seeds of Later Developments,” to a volume that has just appeared, The Routledge History of Terrorism, edited by Randall Law.  The promotional blurb from the publisher claims: “Though the history of terrorism stretches back to the ancient world, today it is often understood as a […]

Steven Isaac publishes article on 1214 Battle of Bouvines

Steven Isaac has published an article in The Journal of Military History 79 (April 2015) titled “The Role of Towns in the Battle of Bouvines (1214).”  Bouvines has long been recognized as “the battle that made France,” but this article looks at the social dynamics leading up to the day of actual fighting. The article […]

Dr. Kenneth Pestka II publishes feature article in The Physics Teacher.

Dr. Kenneth Pestka II of Longwood University and Jennifer Heindel,  museum educator at the Abbe Museum, collaborated on the paper, “An Interdisciplinary Approach to Drag Forces: Estimating Floodwater Speed from Displaced Riverbed Boulders”. The paper appears as a feature article in the May issue of The Physics Teacher and is freely available for download at the AIP […]

Philosophy Professor’s Paper Accepted for Publication

A paper by Scott Senn, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, has been accepted for publication in the forthcoming 2013 volume of the Journal of the International Plato Society. Its title is “Ignorance or Irony in Plato’s Socrates?: A Look Beyond Avowals and Disavowals of Knowledge”. It was presented last summer at a meeting of the Central […]

Developing Intercultural Competence Abroad

Dr. Lily Goetz (Professor of Spanish) and Dr. William Holliday (Assistant Professor of History) presented a workshop for university and high school educators entitled “Designing Programs to Foster Intercultural Competence Through Interdisciplinary Study Abroad” at the Fourth International Conference on the Development and Assessment of Intercultural Competence hosted by the Center for Educational Resources in […]

History professor Steven Isaac featured on French web site

The Medieval Center in Poitiers has featured Dr. Steven Isaac as their lead story on their web page, thanks to a paper that he gave at the Southeastern Medieval Association in NC in October entitled “What if the Riff-Raff Weren’t so Rough? A look at Mercenary Origins in the 1100s”.  He did most of the research for the […]